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The 2015 Oireachtas will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota,
on November 27th, 28th & 29th.

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Number pick up will be on Thursday from 4 – 8 and on Saturday from 2 – 5 in the lobby outside of stage A. Competitor numbers for both Friday and Sunday will be available at Thursday’s pick up. Team numbers are to be picked up at Thursday evenings meeting.

Used dress sales will be in the main lobby opening at 4pm on Thursday. It is $35 per dress and no need to preregister. Dresses accepted on Thursday or anytime after that.

Catholic Mass will be held on Saturday evening at 6:45pm on Stage D. 

Timetable – Oireachtas Schedule 2015
Practice rooms – Practice Rooms
Airport shuttle – Super Shuttle
Oireachtas Party Tickets – Masquerade Party   Luau Party
Vendors – Please patronize these fine vendors who support our Oireachtas: Vendors 2015
Stage Layout – 2015 Stage Layout
Skywalk Map – Skywalk map

Good to know:
Entry Qualifications – Oireachtas qualifications 2014 to 2015
Hotel Block – Oireachtas 2015 hotel
Party info – Oireachtas Parties 2015
Program Book Ad Form – 2015 Patron Ad Form
Schedule –
2015 Daily Schedule & Dances.
Syllabus – Oireachtas Syllabus 2015

Our esteemed panel of Judges for Oireachtas 2015:

-Thomas Bracken – USA
-Margaret Cleary – USA
-Catherine Collins – England
-John Cunniffe – USA
-Lisa Delaney-Galal – England
-Judy De Napoli – USA
-Conor Hayes – Australia
-Sue Fay Healy – Canada
-Finnuala Irwin – Canada
-Maggie Lynch – England
-Laura Masters – USA
-Stephen Masterson – England
-Stephen McAteer – England
-Kathleen McLaughlin – Scotland
-Claire Usher McMorrow – Ireland
-Jonathan McMorrow – Ireland
-Kathleen O’Keefe – USA
-Mary Sweeney – Germany

Our fabulously talented musicians for 2015:
-Jessica Bell – USA
-Merve Bell – USA
-Jim Butke – USA
-Sean Cleland – USA
-Brian Grant – Canada
-Pat King – Canada
-Marty Morrissey – USA
-Tony Nother – Canada
-Sean O’Brien – Canada
-Brian O’Sullivan – Scotland
-Liam O’Sullivan – England
-Seamus O’Sullivan – Scotland

Past Oireachtas results – QuickFeis