The 2015 Oireachtas will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 27th, 28th & 29th.

Schedule –
-Friday:  Girls & Boys U14 up to and including Ladies & men O20 championships; Dance Drama
-Saturday:  All teams & all traditional set competitions
-Sunday:  Girls & Boys U8 up to and including Girls & Boys U13 championships

Timetable – 
Coming soon!

Hotel Block – Coming soon! 

-Oireachtas 2015 Hotel Reservations will open August 3rd for teachers and August 14th for the general public.

– entries will be denied for any school booking hotel room blocks outside of the contracted hotels.

Syllabus – Coming soon!

Entry Qualifications Oireachtas qualifications 2014 to 2015

Our esteemed panel of Judges for Oireachtas 2015:

Thomas Bracken – USA
Margaret Cleary – USA
Catherine Collins – England
John Cunniffe – USA
Lisa Delaney-Galal – England
Judy De Napoli – USA
Conor Hayes – Australia
Sue Fay Healy – Canada
Finnuala Irwin – Canada
Maggie Lynch – England
Laura Masters – USA
Stephen Masterson – England
Stephen McAteer – England
Kathleen McLaughlin – Scotland
Claire Usher McMorrow – Ireland
Jonathan McMorrow – Ireland
Kathleen O’Keefe – USA
Mary Sweeney – Germany

Musicians – TBA

Past Oireachtas results – QuickFeis