Oireachtas 2021

The Mid-America Oireachtas will be held in Schaumburg, IL, on
Nov. 26, 27 & 28, 2021

Covid Safety & Wristband Policy Information

Very important Covid Safety Information! Please read! These rules will be monitored and enforced. Please be patient and stay tuned as safety standards can be updated at any time.

1. Regardless of vaccination status, all attendees must wear a mask at all times except when a dancer is competing on stage. Everyone will be required to bring and wear a proper mask correctly over the nose and mouth.

2. Dancers need to bring a small gift-size bag with them side stage to place their mask in while competing. Dancers will be required to retrieve their bag and reapply their mask immediately upon exiting the stage.

3. Dancers choosing to compete in a mask may only do so in a hospital-grade disposable mask with no identifying markings on the mask. Any dancers with school names or logos on the mask will be asked to change their mask. Results will be awarded in masks and dancers are permitted to wear any mask they choose for that ceremony.

4. All competitors are limited to TWO spectators. Wristbands will be given and checked at all entrances. No other guests, attendees, or members of the public will be admitted.

5. TCRGs will be given one wristband that will give them access for the weekend.

6. Teaching assistants who have signed up to work a stage (who are not competitors) will have access with a wristband for the day they work.

7. Anyone without a wristband will not be admitted.

8. Do not attend if you are not feeling well or have a fever.

9. Please walk on the right hand side, and do not congregate in the hallways.

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