Oireachtas 2022

Welcome Letter & Parent Information

The Mid-America Oireachtas 2022 will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 25, 26 & 27. We look forward to see you you there!

CLRG has sent out notice worldwide that there is an investigation going on based on allegations, with supporting documentation, of cheating and competition fixing that has taken place.  

The IDTAMA Board is disgusted and saddened by this information and on behalf of our region, we have taken our concerns to CLRG to stress that we want this investigation to be swift and transparent.  We want to be assured of the next steps and how the Commission plans to deal with people who have been implicated.  We agree that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but until this can be resolved, we want assurances that CLRG is taking measures to protect our children.

Mid America can be proud that our region has always taken a strong and proactive approach to prevent cheating at our Oireachtas. Our TCRG members have strongly endorsed our Adjudication Selection Committee and it has been instrumental as an additional step in our effort to bring fair and honest adjudicators to our regional qualifier.  We are the only region in the world with this safety net in place and we are proud of it. 

We do not have any adjudicators on our 2022 Oireachtas panel who have been implicated or named in this investigation so far.  We want to assure you that if any further names come to light we will take immediate action.  

We are confident that our upcoming Oireachtas will be judged honestly based on the steps that our region has taken to ensure we hire judges who exhibit only the highest integrity.   We will also be taking additional precautions 

to ensure the utmost fairness with our Oireachtas procedures at the competition. 

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