Oireachtas Logo 2016
The 2016 Oireachtas will take place in Schaumburg, Illinois, at the Schaumburg Convention Center 
on November 25th, 26th & 26th.

Whats new:

Syllabus – Oireachtas Syllabus 2016

Airport Shuttle – Go Airport Express
Hotel block – Oireachtas 2016 hotel details More hotels have been added to the block.  Visit the Mid-America Facebook page for the latest hotel additions.
Trending Oireachtas info – Mid-America Facebook page

Good to know:
Entry Qualifications 2015/2016 – Oireachtas qualifications
Past Oireachtas results – QuickFeis
Program Book Ad form – Program Ad form
Schedule – 2016 daily schedule
Timetable – Will be posted after the entry closing date