Oireachtas Logo 2016
The 2016 Oireachtas will take place in Schaumburg, Illinois, at the Schaumburg Convention Center 
on November 25th, 26th & 27th.

What’s new:
Dress Resale – Used dresses will be accepted any time from Thursday 4:00 pm in the used dress room on the second floor of the convention center. The fee is $30 cash per dress.
Shuttle – shuttle-info
Timetable – oireachtas-timetable-2016
Trending Oireachtas info – Mid-America Facebook page
Airport Shuttle –
 Go Airport Express
Hotel block – Oireachtas 2016 hotel details.  Visit the Mid-America Facebook page for the latest hotel additions

Vendors – 
Ashling Aine
Amerigo & Amerigo
Ballinvilla Products
Because I Like It
Brenna Briggs/Liffey River Books
Camelia Rose
Celtic Seasons
Color Your Own
Eire Designs
Elevation Dresses
Emerald Key
Fab and Punk
Feis Buddies
Fireball Designs
Hang in there Creations
Head for the World
Keltic Storm Designs
Murray’s Irish Outfitters
Mystic Ireland
Nicole Fae Tanning – https://snapappointments.com/nicole-fae
Rising Star Designs
Rod Vick-Laikituk Creek Publishing
Sport Hooks

Good to know:
Entry Qualifications 2015/2016 – Oireachtas qualifications
Past Oireachtas results – QuickFeis
Program Book Ad form – Program Ad form
Schedule – 2016 daily schedule
Syllabus – Oireachtas Syllabus 2016

Our esteemed panel of adjudicators for Oireachtas 2016:
Ann Ash – England
Olive Burns – Ireland
Maire Clerkin – USA
Maura Davidson – Ireland
Denise Elebert – Ireland
Rose Fearon – USA/Canada
Sean Flynn – USA
Naill Holly – Ireland
Micael Hopkins – Ireland
Sarah Irwin – Canada
Jackie Kennedy – Ireland
Patrick McCarthy – USA
Orla Nic Conuladh – Ireland
Patrick O’Donnell – USA
Patrick O’Hare – USA
Martin Percival – USA
Attracta Quinn – USA
Bertie Roddy – England

Our talented musicians:
Sean O’Brien – Calgary CA
Brian O’Sullivan – Glasgow Scotland
Seamus O’Sullivan – Glasgow Scotland
Cormac O’Se – Minnesota
Jessica Bell – Edmonton CA
Jim Butke – Akron OH
Martin Morrisey – Los Angeles CA
Sean Cleland – Chicago IL
Louis LeMesurier – California
Brian Glynn – South Carolina
Merv Bell – Edmonton CA
Kathleen Grennan – Pittsburgh PA