Here you can find important downloads such as the annual regional syllabus, our regional costume rules, and information on regional scholarships.

– Mid-America Syllabus 2017
– Mid-America Costume Rule

– You can find a listing of feiseanna throughout North America here: North American Feis Commission

– IDTAMA Scholarship application:  2017 Application

The Irish Dance Teacher’s Association of Mid America is proud of the accomplishments of all dancers not only competitively and artistically, but also academically. To recognize the accomplishments of dancers who excel in the classroom and in the dance studio, the IDTAMA is proud to offer academic scholarships.  

In 2016 we had 34 applicants for the  IDTAMA Scholarships. The standard was very high. It was truly impressive to view all of the community service completed by these young ladies. Their ACT/SAT scores were of the highest caliber. So many were truly outstanding!

The results from our 2016 IDTAMA Scholarships are:

College recipient:
1. $1,000  Emma Ryan – McClanahan
High School recipients:
1.  $2,000 Annabel Engelhardt – McNulty
2.  $1,000 Kelly Ann Gindhart – Clarkson
3.  $500    Meghan Malloy – Glencastle
4.  $250    Bridget Dolowy  – O’Hare
5.  $250    Eile Woeltje – Clarkson